Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cabin Fever in Hanoi

I am experiencing a case of cabin fever here in Hanoi, Viet Nam. I'm here to attend a meeting and have only been here two days but it feels much longer, probably because I haven't been out of the hotel since I arrived and Hafidz will tell you how restless (read: crazy) I get when I don't get some fresh air. 

Actually I lied. I did get out of the hotel yesterday! Out of pure necessity, I might add! I needed to get something very essential, something I absolutely cannot survive another day without. Nope, not water; I brought that. Nope, not toothbrush; I have that too. Nope, not Pop Mie; I brought six of those. 

I forgot to bring my breast pump. Haha! I was so desperate, I asked the Bruneian attache here where I could get a breast pump and she told me it's available in this place called Bibo Mart in Son Tay. I don't even know the street where I'm staying let alone some place called Son Tay.

So I decided to take a taxi and of course they don't speak a word of English but the kind lady at the lobby helped me tell the driver where to go. In the taxi, however, the driver kept looking back at me all funny and I was so creeped out by him. I was already crafting out in my head my exit strategy in case of emergency - I was spotting out where the door handle was, what weak points I would go for should he attack me. I'm such a paranoid freak! You have no idea how many times I read the Surah Al-Ikhlas during the whole journey but Alhamdulillah he delivered me to my destination safe and sound despite the creepy looks and insane traffic! (You think Brunei drivers are bad, you should try driving in Hanoi!)

Anyway, after performing that brave stunt of going out on my own (I know, I'm such a drama queen), I haven't gone out since. And thus the cabin fever. But if I'm honest, there isn't much fresh air outside anyways. Heehee. So on to some pictures!

 Transit in Singapore before Hanoi and they had this setup in the spirit of the Brasil World Cup 2014. I'm so bummed Neymar is out of the tournament and Silva will not be playing against Germany! Good luck Brazil but please go through to the finals!
 Obligatory cloud picture en route to Hanoi
 Obligatory hotel room picture! Hahaha
 Nice little reading corner here
 Before I came I was so worried about not having anything to eat so I brought some pop mee (I'm not even a fan). I've had pop mee for iftar two days in a row now and I'm kind of sick of it =/
 But the ramadhan breakfast menu is big enough to sustain me throughout the day. First night I had the nasi goreng Indonesia and soto! 
 And my friends asked me for some nice pictures of Hanoi and I couldn't give them much. Just had this which is the view from my hotel room. Pretty hazy (read: polluted) and crowded.
 Right in front of the hotel is a dilapidated building
 Actually, two dilapidated buildings
 The breast pump I faced my fear for! Also known as my life saver!
Second night sahur - hummus, omelet and wonton soup

Today for sungkai I didn't have pop mee because baus sudah, so I ordered the ramadhan menu for dinner which means it's not included in my hotel room charge so I had to pay for it. Most expensive meal I've ever had I think. I'm also drinking the most expensive Evian (because who knows where the 7/11 is around here?) at BND 10 a pop!

But anyways, aside from the living situation and severe lack of sightseeing, I'm learning loads from the meeting. I have much to learn from seeing officials from different economies sit down for a meeting - so civilised and polite.

I miss home though. Mum-in-law just sent me a picture of Zaira and I want to cry because I miss her so much. And my boys too. Sigh. Nevermind, two more days..

Anyways, I have a meeting early in the morning so I better log off and go to bed. Till next time!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Taking Care of Mummy

So Hafidz is on call today and before he left Hakeem expressed his sadness by saying, "I'm going to miss you so much Dad." They did their usual sappy stuff and hugged and that's when he told Hakeem, "You take care of Mummy okay? You're the man of the house now."

I was putting the kids to sleep and as always, the kids are just jumping around on the bed and climbing on and off me when all of a sudden Zaira with all her might (judging by the sound she made) hit my hand! Haha if I know her at all, my hand must've accidentally hit her while she's jumping around and I think that's why she hit my hand.

More out of shock than of pain, I pretended to cry - covered my eyes, downturned by lips and wailed - you know, the whole shebang. Hakeem immediately went to me and stroked by face and gently said, "It's okay mum, it's okay. Don't worry mum, I'll take care of this."

He marched off to Zaira, settled his face in front of hers and said, "Zaira! You don't hit mummy! You cannot be a naughty girl! If you hit mummy, she's going to be hurt. You say sorry now!" And just like that, Zaira (who is so smart, I swear she understands every single thing we say) comes over and kisses and hugs me! And we all burst into laughter because I cannot believe what just happened.

How did my kids grow up so fast? It's so hard not to love these guys.. :)

Happy Birthday Banggo!

This is a long overdue post! My brother celebrated his birthday last month by treating us to Le Taj. And all five grandchildren were there which is always so nice and noisy. There was even an incident involving the door falling flat on the floor but I'll save that for next time! Heehee but on to pictures now!

 Hakeem and Aisya trying to angkat Fayyadh while he looks on nonchalantly
 Aina wants to angkat Fayyadh too. Fayyadh still looking cool.
 And a family picture! Heehee. I think it's worth noting that while my sister in law is indeed pregnant, I am not. :-/
 The AF's and Hakeem
And now the neneks with all five grandchildren! :)

Thanks Banggo for the lovely treat! Happy 32nd birthday and may Allah bless you and your family always, ameen..