Sunday, 3 August 2014

4-5 Syawal 1435

4 Syawal 1435 / 1 August 2014

We didn't go beraya at all today. Instead we went around running important errands. We did however go to one open house, Hafidz's colleague, and it just happens to be our neighbour! Heehee. But we finished so late afterwards that we couldn't really go anywhere else. And we didn't take any pictures with the good camera, so phone pictures it is!

A #rayaselfie with this cutie
The only family picture we managed today. Hakeem was uncharacteristically willing to smile for the camera.

5 Syawal 1435 / 2 August 2014

Back to work day. Gahhh! Not much work done though. We went to three (yup, THREE) open houses.

Me and Daisy's (a work colleague) 4-month old baby
At our DG's open house
And then we went to my work mate's open house.

Afterwards we went to another colleague's open house but we didn't take pictures! But I promise we went even if we have no pictorial evidence. Heehee.

Okay! Blogging another week of Raya pictures before we move on to bigger and better things, hopefully! 

Second and Third 1435/2014 Hari Raya

This is precisely why I blog; it's only the sixth day of Hari Raya and I cannot remember what we did four days ago. Good thing we have pictures. Heehee.

2 Syawal 1435 / 30 July 2014

Hakeem's favourite pose everytime we ask him to pose for a picture 
 This is Daddy's favourite pose.. Haha
And Mummy's favourite pose! :D 
 Babies clinging onto mummy
 The humungous tapak kuda at Angah's house - the one new food thing Hakeem tried since maybe 2013! Yup, that's how fussy he is!
A rare group photo with Hafidz's aunts, uncles and cousins

3 Syawal 1435 / 31 July 2014

Third raya was a bit more relaxed in that we only went to a few open houses and afterwards, Alhamdulillah my parents, sister and my brother's family came to beraya at our house.

 Fayyadh watching abang Hakeem play Minecraft on the PS3
 See how the only two people too engrossed in their respective games are the father and son duo - Hafidz and Hakeem? This is why I fail to teach Hakeem to stop playing too much games, because his Daddy is the same! (insert huffy emoticon here)
 Meanwhile, here's Kaka Aisya and Aina being good girls and practicing their reading and colouring! Zaira, if by any chance you are reading this, please read more than you play games! Love, Mummy.
 We tried to take a family photo as best as we can with five kids involved. First try was okay except Hafidz's head got cut off. 
 Take two! Better but this time, my dad's eyes are closed. Heehee sorry Paps!
 Sis Izzy and Sis Zaira
Family picture! So much negotiation had to take place for the scant few seconds of the kids' time! Sheesh!

Friday, 1 August 2014

First Hari Raya 1435/2014

Assalamualaikum! Hope you guys are having a blessed hari raya this week!

We cannot believe that we have another day of leave tomorrow before we have to go back to normal working hours. Heehee I can't say that I will miss working from 8am to 2pm to be honest. I have a lot of catching up to do once we get back to work next week! (I say "next week" but we actually start work this Saturday - but actual work will get done commencing Monday I should think.)

Anyways, leaving the work conversation - how's everyone's raya been this year? Alhamdulillah for us it has been quite slow and steady, averaging at 4 houses per day. Leaves much to be desired but that is considerable progress if I do say so myself. 

As is the tradition on our blog, I shall post raya pictures now! I just have to say that we have been really good with our outfits this year. We got it all ready way before the crazy raya rush which means (a) we don't have to brave the raya traffic and (b) we don't have to feel the pinch of raya expenses!

However though, it's worth noting that since this is our first hari raya at our own house, the thing we weren't so good at was the raya food! Hehe. For new home owners you may want to think of purchasing the pinggan mangkuk to serve all your raya cakes and biscuits way in advance. And while you're at it, don't forget to order those raya cakes and biscuits! We made one order of cakes and that was all. Later on I realised the error of my ways, so I tried to rectify it by making a last minute purchase at Lof Bakery who thankfully made these ready made kek lapis fit for raya in Brunei! Heehee. Hafidz doesn't understand why there is so much pressure to conform to social norms - like, no kek lapis? No raya!

Anyways, on to pictures!

First Day Raya - 1 Syawal 1435 / 29 July 2014

Thank you kids for staying still for 10 seconds to take this picture!
Group picture with the Isa family! Heehee it's such a shame we left our camera when we went to Kiarong so we will have to recreate the first day and take another group picture with the Kiarong family soon!
 This picture and the next one is so much fun! All five grandchildren of my parents. 
 And then we asked them to do a freestyle pose! Hahaha it's just the cutest I could die! And look at Zaira totally unaffected by the whole event. Heehee.
 After that, back to their own activities! 
 A rare picture of the two of us. Thank god for that cheapo tripod we got in Singapore (oh! Haven't blogged about Singapore yet!) and the camera's timer! I'm going on a tangent here but goodness I feel so chubby this raya! I think I have reached the maximum weight (without being pregnant) where I cannot get away with all this weight gain anymore. Any takers on being my permanent hiking buddy? (Izzy, I'm looking atchu!)
The kids were pretty well behaved throughout the day. We took really long breaks though while Zaira naps so that totally throws off our schedule. But I'd rather that than a screaming and exhausted Zaira. Seriously, you don't want to mess with her when she's sleepy, or hungry. She's just like me as much as Hakeem is like his daddy. 
 Towards the end of the day, they were looking like this. Whining. Getting frustrated and fighting with each other. Screaming. And so much more fun stuff.
 Andddd by the end of the night.... They were looking like this...
And this.

Heehee while we're on the subject of sleeping.. I think I should sleep too. Just realised it's 2.30am! I had planned to upload pictures of second and third day raya too but I will have to do that tomorrow because I'm falling asleep on my keyboard. Toodles!