Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day Two: Aquaria KLCC

Today we had breakfast in our nice clothes for a change because Hakeem woke up excited and rearing to go to Aquaria KLCC.

Hakeem's excited but not really willing to show it to the world. He is a photocopy of his dad.
 Zaira kept on smiling like this to the waitress behind me. Hahah
 Our breakfast spread
 Map of Aquaria KLCC. When we arrived, we hit the right spot because it was just before the rush hour so we didn't have to queue long. Today is a day of queues by the way. Queue everywhere - to the toilet, taxi, elevators, escalators, taking pictures, etc.
 We didn't catch the piranha feeding show. That would've been interesting I think.
 Hakeem learning about the moth's life cycle
 The so called "flooded tree"
 They had BIG fishes there. Like, huge. Incomprehensibly gigantic. The biggest fish I've ever seen before this was at a table in Dynasty Restaurant, steamed with ginger and soy sauce. That fish has got nothing on these ones in Aquaria.
 In the tunnel
 The sharks were swimming so close to us we could see its teeth
 Hafidz never takes selfies. Which is why I was surprised to find this in the camera! Heehee
 Oh and our highlight of the whole trip is attending a feeding session for various aquatic animals. We kind of just chanced into the session and they let the kids and mummies holding babies to sit on the floor right in front of the tank so we got the best seats. This one is of this giant sea turtle. It's so big. We only saw it once or twice which made me think that maybe I've just imagined its size. But I'm pretty sure I haven't.
 Zaira just laying her head on my knee and watching it all in awe
 After that we had Haagen-Dazs for lunch
 Hakeem trying out mine first and leaving his untouched
 Hafidz's reaction to his dish. Hahah
 Visiting the booths. Oh and check out Zaira's "pet snake" which actually belongs to Hakeem because he wanted to get a snake toy for so long and when we finally got him one, he wants his sister's sting ray stuffed toy. No surprise there!
 Suria KLCC - I have mixed feelings about this place. It's too big, too crowded and too warm for me to enjoy. I kept worrying about the kids, and bumping into people with the strollers. But I do find that there were more high end shops over there.
 Caught them holding hands while waiting for daddy to come back from the toilet

We walked around Midvalley again tonight to get some food and books for the kids. Now they are fast asleep and so will I be in two minutes. Hehe good night!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day One: Midvalley Megamall

25th March 2014:

We are still on our glorious 14 day annual leave but Hakeem is being excused from school this whole week because we are in Kuala Lumpur (KL) on a completely impromptu holiday trip! Heehee I have to thank my parents in-law though for pushing us to take this trip otherwise it would never have happened.

 Queuing outside RB airplane
 They're actually really excited, I promise
 Daddy made a long neck dinosaur from Hakeem's jelly

If you're coming to KL for holiday, and you're coming with two young kids, it's not advisable to go on the night flight; we learnt this the hard way. When we touched down in KLIA, the kids were already incredibly sleepy (that is, whiny) and uncomfortable in their day clothes. The baggage reclaim process took a bit longer too because we had to take a bullet train to the other terminal to collect our bags. And after that, the long stretch was waiting for the taxi! We had to wait a good 45 minutes in the queue outside in the sticky, humid weather while the kids whine and whine and whine and whine.

We finally got a taxi though and the drive to the hotel took another hour, only to find out when we arrived that they don't have the room we booked because we came late (around 11.45pm). So they gave us another room with two single beds (instead of one double) and on a smoking floor. Heehee alhamdulillah, but so far we're not too fussed about the room.

26th March 2014:

Today we woke up as late as the kids would permit us to. And then we went down to have breakfast in our pjs, without a care in the world.

 Okay, Zaira looks like she cares a little bit
 Zaira after shower and dressed for jalan
 Since we're staying in Cititel, we decided to explore Midvalley Megamall first. There's a lot of shops here and lots of mileage to cover!
 Hakeem got bored though and kept asking if we can go back home. So we took him here.
 Stroller park
 They had an indoor bouncer
 And a huuuuge slide! They had to climb this thing...
 ...and go allll the way up there (I couldn't even get the whole thing in the picture) and then slide down on the spiral slide. Hafidz said he got dizzy coming down.
 This was a much safer, but still fast, slide
 Zaira just enjoying herself
 They had to wear those labels. And I didn't think much about this photo until I realised that there was someone else who went there by the name of Daania (double A too!) hehee
 Hakeem and Zaira waiting for Daddy outside the comic shop

After all the playing and the walking and the eating, they finally got tired and fell asleep starting with this girl..

 This is how she falls asleep in her stroller. Heehee.
And later on, Hakeem joined too. Poor Hakeem though, his stroller doesn't recline like his sister's.

Anyways, end of Day One! Tomorrow we are visiting Aquaria KLCC! See you then :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

KNK: Berakas Forest Reserve

So we went to the beach today on the last day of school holidays. There were so many people there! And I thought we would be avoiding the crowd by choosing Berakas beach instead of the newly refurbished Serasa beach but I was wrong. I guess everyone, like us, were out in full force to utilise what's left of the holidays.

Anyways, we went to Berakas Forest Reserve which is such a nice place for a picnic and a barbecue. But we were there for one purpose and one purpose only - for epic sandcastle building, I mean, for the kids! Teehee.

 Opens everyday I assume and closes at 6.30pm (although we were still there at 6.40pm and gates were still open to let out everyone)
It was a nice day. Very cool and breezy. And look at that unfiltered beautiful blue sky! 
 While the daddies went on to build the big sandcastle, these two brothers were building their own epic sandcastle
 Work, Hakeem, work!
 The only picture I have with both kids today!
 Castle with bridge and gates and a moat!
 The labourers working hard
 A sandcastle built just next to ours. They were going to incorporate this into the big sandcastle, as a guard house or something but it was getting late and they were out of time. Hehee
 Hakeem and his matching shovel and bucket
 Humayra and her mama Lyn
 Concentrating hard!
 It's all in the details!
 Izyan helping out with the detailing. Pretty cool right!
 Hafidz with the finished product
 Zaira and I against the sunset
 Humayra's Olaf!
 Group picture!
 Another one with me in it!
 The finished product
 And the gorgeous sunset to top it all off
:) Love!