Saturday, 26 January 2013

Today in Pictures

I have a window of five minutes before Zaira realises she's (shock horror!) sleeping in her cot by herself and Hakeem starts nagging me to be at his beck and call. So here we go! Heehee ever since Hafidz started work last week, I've literally had my hands full with the two of them. Zaira doesn't sleep soundly unless she is in my arms. I cannot put her down anywhere - not in her cot, not on her swing. So yea, literally hands full.

And doing Hakeem's school run in the mornings by myself gives me anxiety attacks because they can be rather stressful especially when Hakeem's in his chronically uncooperative moods! These days, it's a task and a half to get Hakeem to do anything we ask him to. This includes changing his nappies, wearing his shoes and not to mention mandi - a word he is allergic to of late (in addition to makan and tidur). Sigh. So when he couldn't wake up this morning in time for school, I didn't push it.

 Here is Stella's escaped student
 Being at home means he can kacau his sister all day long

In the afternoon, I had to go to the hospital to do a nerve conduction test to see if I have carpal tunnel. Turns out yes, I do. But only mild carpal tunnel on both hands so no surgery needed. After that, I brought Hakeem to see his Kaka Aisya at their new place in Berakas.

 Wore his sunglasses on the way..
 ..only to fall asleep shortly after!

While Hakeem played with Aisya, I thought I'd go run some errands. I dropped by The German Shop in Sungai Hanching and found a lot of gems there! Thanks to my friend Diya for letting me know that they sell instant packets of my favourite drink in the world - Chai Tea Latte!

They have chai tea latte with the dreamiest combinations - this one was infused with vanilla and cinnamon! I also bought the one with cocoa in it. So beautiful!
 And this is Hafidz's all time favourite since when we were in UK. Yay!

This evening, the Adlizyan's invited us over to their place for a game night and even though Hafidz is on call tomorrow, we decided to go anyways to get a brief respite from the stresses of the day and have fun with our friends. Hakeem was already asleep and we could've just left him at home, but we dragged along both kids anyways because Hafidz couldn't bear the thought of Hakeem waking up in the middle of the night and finding us not there. Heehee so off we went carrying two sleeping kids to our friends house where they continued to sleep anyways! Haha.

 We had wing-it and rib-it for dinner. I love you Mui for thinking this up! Brilliant. Just brill.

Anyways, that's a wrap. We're back home now, kids safely tucked in bed. Good night y'all!

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