Friday, 22 March 2013

Fun Bee Park

Today was quite a fun day, especially so for Hakeem. Yesterday Hakeem and I went to Fun Bee Park to check the place out. Basically it's an activity center where there's a library filled with kids' books and walls filled with toys and handicraft materials. Ever since then, he's been begging to go there again so today, since he was good, we indulged him and shipped him off with our maid Jackie.

 Keen and waiting impatiently for them to open the door. Heehee
 This stingray is the first thing he picked up and was the last thing he put down
 Where to start?! When we left, he merrily said, "Bye Mum and Dad!" Heehee.

So while Hakeem and Jackie were at Fun Bee Park, we went off on our way to run errands and buy things in preparation for Adlizyan's birthday party this Sunday! Heehee. Hafidz was a bit melancholic that Hakeem was away on his own, on a Friday, at some activity center where he didn't need even his mum or dad. So he kept on asking if it was time to pick up Hakeem. Haha talk about clingy!

 But yea, since his buddy Hakeem wasn't there (I swear, they have a love-hate relationship), he was extra clingy with Zaira imploring her not to grow up so quickly. Heehee.
 A first picture of us both in what must be ages. In the car after we bought Zaira's new mattress :)
And here's our little hero after two hours at Fun Bee Park! Here he is showing off his art work - an Angry Bird coin box :)
If colours other than black was used, the coin box would've looked something like this. But hey, it's his coin box so he can colour it what ever he wants! :D

Other than the price, I love Fun Bee Park! It's such a novel idea - an area where kids can play and interact with people. Of course having Jackie there helps me have some peace of mind too. Oh I forgot to mention that when I came in to fetch Hakeem, he was playing a game with one of the aunties and a girl (who I believe is the daughter of the owner). And when Hakeem stood up, the girl told me off, "Hey! We're in the middle of a Bingo game!" Hahaha how adorable is it that she addressed her grievance not to Hakeem but to me, the person truly responsible for taking him away. Heehee. 

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