Wednesday, 25 December 2013

X'mas Holiday 2013

We had planned to go to Miri today. We had our passports ready and even got my out-of-state form signed by the boss. But then.. We caught the lazy bug and couldn't be arsed to drive so far. 

So we stayed in and did housework instead. I know, I know, our lives are so full of adventures these days. -___-

But things got better though. Our neighbour, Paul, rang the bell and said he came to play with Hakeem so he kept him company for a while. And then Adam, Lyn and Humayra came while we were cleaning up the kitchen. And thennn Shauqi, Niza and their kids and nephew came too. And before we knew it, with seven kids and six adults in the house, we were having a nice impromptu holiday gathering! Heehee.

The boys decided they were going to cook lunch for us. I pictured a kitchen so messy no amount of clorox would help me. But actually, props to the husbands, they did pretty good. Just look at the spread..

And the kitchen didn't even get messy enough. I actually begged for work. Hehe great job guys. Now if only every day could be like this.. :)

(Props feet up on the sofa and switches on the massage chair)

How was your Christmas day?

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